Dagga use linked to higher risk of heart attack and stroke – Journal of the American Heart Association

The study looked at how using dagga might affect people’s hearts in different groups of people. They looked at data from 2016 to 2020 from a survey in 27 American states and 2 territories. The survey asked adults aged 18 to 74 about their dagga use and their heart health.

Researchers wanted to see if there was a connection between using dagga regularly and having heart problems like heart attacks or strokes. They also wanted to see if this connection was different for people who didn’t smoke tobacco and for younger adults who might have heart issues early.

Out of over 434,000 people surveyed, about 4% said they used dagga every day, and 7.1% said they used it less often. They found that people who used dagga every day were more likely to have heart problems compared to those who used it less or didn’t use it at all, even after considering other things like smoking. This link between daily dagga use and heart issues was also seen in people who didn’t smoke tobacco and in younger adults who might be at risk for heart problems early on.

Read the full study at the link below:

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