The Joint Constitutional Review Committee is currently conducting public hearings on the review of section 25 of the Constitution which currently secures title deeds and property rights.

An amendment to section 25 will:

  • Include all property and everything that anybody owns.
  • All peoples' land.
  • Will be applicable beyond the careers of existing politicians.

It will also lend itself to corruption, abuse, bribery, racism, victimization and political and religious discrimination - for all generations to come.

How is this matter about land being transformed? Over half of new land registrations in S.A. have been done by black South Africans - middle class people who live in middle class suburbs.

The biggest entities on the stock exchange are at least in part owned by black citizens. Even businesses and shares will be subject to expropriation without compensation, should the right to private ownership under section 25 be removed.

Presently the constitution says, “anyone who has their property taken away must be justly and fairly compensated.” Whoever is against this provision is therefore supporting a proposal to commit injustices, and it is in fact black people that used to be victims of laws like these in South Africa’s past.

The removal of section 25 will mean that all of the property of all of the people in South Africa, will be subject to seizure without compensation. Regardless of when or how they got it. Everybody now and in the future will live under the threat of being victimized by petty officials who will be able to take away their property, businesses, shares or any other assets.

The ultimate victims of expropriation without compensation will be, by large numbers, will be poor people who are mostly black citizens.

English Pamphlet on Land Expropriation

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