Dear Editor

Dagga court case: they called us monkeys

This is outrageous! The pro-dagga lobby has branded us as being rented for the protest against dagga, while dagga people are calling us monkeys to our face!

When we who come out of a life of dagga abuse were standing outside the court to demonstrate against the legalizing of dagga, a dagga man in a wheel chair rolled over and called us monkeys. He first wanted to bribe us, then he called us monkeys!

This man said that he would “pay us double whatever we were being paid.” But we cannot be bought and the truth is not for sale!

Every one of us that are protesting against dagga, has a unique life story of how dagga has affected us. We are from many different provinces and each have a unique, truly South African, story. We ask ourselves, why would they like to drug the youth of South Africa? Why do they want to enslave us with drugs? Why do they call us monkeys?

Experts from overseas can say what they wish, here in South Africa everyone in the townships know the effects of South African dagga. There is not much ‘overseas cannabis experts’ can tell us. We know dagga! We have used it! Today we are suffering the consequences of it! Indeed, dagga has become the South African gateway drug to whoonga/nyoape (cheap heroin).

We know the truth! We can tell you exactly how dagga works!

NO to the legalization of dagga. Lala panzi!

CYPSA: President