Dagga is prevalent in the community and our school is heavily exposed to dagga traders and smokers.

Legalising dagga will almost give those addicts and drug traffickers an open opportunity to exploit innocent children who are at the mercy of the drug merchants in the community.

Dagga is ruining the lives of the youth, who are already heavily involved in using and consuming cigarettes and alcohol from a young age.

Dagga might have some medicinal benefits according to some researchers however, legalizing dagga could have far reaching implications for the communities in poverty and provide a platform for more traders to enter the market.

It is difficult to control the lunch of learners at high school.

It would mean that virtually all children will have to be tested for dagga.

Teaching and learning could become extremely difficult. Currently discipline is already a huge problem in the country, with dagga being allowed it will probably collapse the entire education system and laws within schools will be non-existent.

Dagga will not add value to education.

It would probably take more children away from reading, writing and math and create another avenue to deal with their stresses.

This country will pay a heavy price in the next few years with an almost frightening sense of a generation of drug merchants, drug users and abusers and probably more teenage suicide.