Dagga is our biggest nightmare. We can immediately see when learners have taken (smoke or eat) dagga. They have a certain arrogance together with a don’t care attitude.

We have matriculants who smoke dagga and do not even care to miss an important examination. They are rude to teachers and there is very little we can do about this. It is further difficult to expel a learner in Grade 12 because of this. They usually become addicts and do not care about getting a further education. They turn out badly.

Dagga is not used for medicinal purposes by teenagers. It is because of the feeling of being in control that they smoke dagga. It is 100% to their detriment.

We find it hard to keep kids away from this without legalization…. how on earth will we be able to control it when legalized? 

This should be a no brainer. How could one even start to encourage children to smoke anything? It has under all circumstances ill health as a result. Children do not stop with dagga… they start with other dangerous things like nyaope and mix drugs into dagga when the kick is not sufficient. Please do not legalize this monster – it will destroy our kids!