It is indeed a difficult question to answer as behaviours as a result of dagga usage by children varies.  Whilst some children may get aggressive others are passive.  The reality is that they lose any possibility of a valuable life or future as drugs – any drug including dagga causes some kind of dependency.  Dagga usage causes physical, mental and emotional behavioural changes.  

Dagga whether smoked, eaten or used in cookies, stews etc. can be highly addictive.  How then are the legislators going to regulate the addictive nature of dagga?  

How can the use of dagga by children be “in the best interest” of that child?  We are all aware that there are 4 stages of dependency:  experimental, recreational, regular-use stage and the dependency stage.  All it takes is a single puff or a single hit to get from the first to the fourth stage – which is what we cannot ignore.

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