Already there an illegal use of dagga by children. They are already secondary smokers when it is not yet legalised. Imagine when it is legalised. Our country has no control policies that are enforceable. People do just as they wish. If you legalise now I feel pity for our children who are already exposed to drugs that are said to be socially acceptable. Take nyaope, tobacco, alcohol. Add dagga then we no longer have any future workforce.

Apparently, the country is no longer interested in the development of the youth. The decision is myopic and should not have been even to brought to court for consideration. What society are we producing?  Will we rest in peace in graves leaving a community that free take drugs by our legislation that we passed?

Think twice sirs and madams. This is not responsible parenting and am totally against legalization.

During the Apartheid era, we used to sing, “se nzeni na” and God heard our prayers and gave us freedom. Now we are just playing with the freedom by passing silly policies like the one in question and others like legalization of prostitution which is also soon to be passed.

Shame on our country.


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