Legalisation of dagga is not correct because learners at school shall be affected by negative effect of it. Mostly children born from that are not normal and who shall save the country because this days we see those smoking it proceeding to nyaope usage and as we can see our kids are overdoing it and there is no life as such.

According to me it is not advisable to legalise it as it also affect birth, in our schools we think of resigning and taking early retirement to refrain from these substance abusers in our school.

It is no longer safe for us as teachers because learners are smoking and not doing anything at school. The government must take note of that because those burning are those at schools and those in government think is easy.

No thank you, look at the pass rate since our democracy, learners are pushed to next grades and they don't care, the community members are selling dagga and other substances not caring for their wellbeing but they don’t want their children smoking what they sell to others, that show that they want good things happening to their kids not others.

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