The automobile glides into view

Her paint glistens like a ballroom floor as the electric lights play

The bids come thick and fast – over before it began

Sold! For $370,000!

She is someone’s daughter.


The car rolls along the lane.

Her paint gleams dully and there is a dent on her front bumper.

The opening bid is $50,000

Sold! For $155,000.

She is someone’s sister.


It crawls up the lane.

The paint is scratched and the body dented.

Do I hear $2,000?

Sold for $11,500.

she is someone’s granddaughter


cracked windscreen smoking exhaust worn brakes

towed into the scrapyard

she would have been someone’s mother


some look at me

and see dollar bills

some look at me

and see pleasure

i look at me

and see shame

He looks at me and sees His precious daughter



and beautified

by the Lamb on the cross.

Bought! For a matchless price!


– Author Unknown –


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