Human Trafficking


1.3 Million South African Children Face Abuse

?A web of socio-economic factors including poverty, inequality and criminality underlie the high rate of violence and abuse of children in South Africa.


Con Court’s Decision Could Add New Spur to Learner Molestations

The criminalisation of consensual sexual conduct between consenting adolescents is unconstitutional, the Constitutional Court has ruled.


Petition Form: NO to the Legalization of Prostitution in South Africa

Download our petition form against the legalization of prostitution in South Africa. We have collected over 50 000 signatures to date! Collect signatures in your community and email or post the forms back to us – details on the forms.


Nigerian Girls Left to Fend for Themselves

We marvel at the fact that 63 girls previously abducted by Boko Haram terrorists have managed to evade their captors and make their way back home, bringing with them news of the whereabouts of the remaining abductees. It remains unthinkable to CYPSA however, that these girls are being left to themselves to find a way of escape.


Outcry Against Gross Slavery and Human Degradation

?As an organization based in South Africa, we, together with the rest of the world, are shocked into attention at the exigency in Chibok Nigera, that, till today has been left unattended. Since our establishment, in 2009, we have been trying to bring to our Government’s attention that human trafficking, though illegal, is ubiquitous in our country and the rest of Africa.


Trafficked – c o m m e r c i a l i s e d a b u s e

Poem highlighting the plight of the victims of prostitution and human trafficking.



Poem highlighting the plight of the victims of human trafficking and prostitution.