Pornography Addiction


Pornography: A Public Health Crisis

How pornography fuels sex trafficking, child exploitation and sexual violence.


Pornography and Public Health: Research Summary

Read this research summary prepared by the National Centre on Sexual Exploitation to gain more insight into the extent of the harm caused

to our society by pornography.


USA – Porn is a Health Threat

A joint resolution in the Tennessee General Assembly condemning pornography as a “public health crisis” that is making men less interested in marrying passed unanimously in the Senate.


Countries Unite Against Pornography

Countries Unite Against Pornography – USA, Australia and India


Porn Destroying Young People

?Pornography and sexual promiscuity are destroying a generation of young people. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is reporting that from 2009 to 2012 over 5,000 sexual assaults in England involved a child perpetrator raping or sexually assaulting another child.


Porn Promotes Violence

Increasing pornography in mainstream societies is changing relationships between men and women, according to a researcher and teacher.


Uganda – Country Establishes Secretariat to Enforce Pornography Laws

Uganda has one of the strictest anti-pornography laws in Africa and has set up a nine-member pornography control committee to wage war on the spread of pornographic material in the country…



?Children as young as nine years old are involving themselves in a trend known as ‘sexting’ which has spread through South African schools like a plague.


Pamphlet: Porn Slavery and You (English)

Click on the link below to download our pamphlet about the harms of pornography. Make copies of our pamphlets and distribute them at school, work, and in your community!