Teen Pregnancy, Abortions & HIV


SA Abortion Facts: Is Abortion Killing Our Nation?

90 000 abortions were performed at state hospitals in 2013, up by 20 000 from 2012 (“Teenage Abortion Numbers Shoot Up”, The Times, 6 August 2014).


CYPSA Says NO to CSE in SA Schools: Sign the Online Petition

?CSE is not traditional sex education. It bypasses the values and authority of parents and teaches young children to experiment with high risk sexual practices and attempts to change the sexual and gender norms of African society.


Condoms to be Distributed in South African Schools – CYPSA’s Response

?It is with grave concern that we read recent articles in the media detailing government’s decision to commence with a programme to distribute condoms to learners in South African schools. We are left wondering whether any time was spent investigating the root causes of teenagers becoming sexually active and falling pregnant …