Overcoming Pornography Addiction

To many of us pornography is a harmless past-time, our way of relieving stress and tension and a victimless ‘crime’ – no one gets hurt. The fact however is that pornography is addictive. Viewing pornography releases pleasure chemicals in the brain in the same way as street drugs and millions are finding that they simply cannot free themselves from its addictive powers.

Freedom.  Yet it is possible to fight back and break free from the clutches of lust. The starting point is admitting that we do in fact have a problem on our hands, and that it is unlikely that we will be able to free ourselves without help. • We must cease to excuse our actions and find reasons to keep returning to get another ‘fix’. • We must accept the fact that we are harming ourselves and those around us with this destructive habit. • We have to repent and seek the forgiveness of those we have harmed through our selfishness and lust. • We must resolve to cut off all potential access (smart phone, internet connection etc.) to pornography immediately and for the foreseeable future and then seek help.

Why is pornography so addictive?• Look for resources that will explain the theory behind your addiction to pornography. Ask someone to search online for you if you know that you cannot yet trust yourself with internet access. • Seek an explanation of how one becomes addicted to pornography and its severity. This should help you to better understand you predicament and will help you to accept the fact that you cannot resolve it alone. • Become accountable to someone you can trust.

Accountability is critical if we wish to avoid falling back into the same trap all over again.• Share your problem with a close friend, a minister or counsellor and remain accountable to them. • Software is available for tracking internet use on computers and smart phones. This information is then emailed to the person to whom you are accountable in the form of a report. They can then question you if anything suspicious turns up. visit: http://www.covenanteyes.com • Usually there are underlying issues that drive us towards addictive behaviour. Get these issues out and into the light when you are next with the individual you have confided in. • Continue to study resources with regard to your pornography addiction. This will serve to reinforce just how wrong and dangerous pornography is. • Take note of what circumstances and situations often lead you to use pornography and take measures to guard against them.

The next step is to get protected! This is the toughest part of the process but is proof that you are serious about cutting pornography from your life. These restrictions will take you a step closer to freedom.• Software is available that can be installed on computers to physically block a person from accessing adult material. • Resolving to install this as well as software that will alert others if you access adult material is one thing, following through is another as you know it will cut you off from your ‘supply’. Ask that someone installs this software for you if you keep finding excuses not to go ahead with it. • Replace you default internet browser with a browser that will monitor your browsing activities. Visit: http://www.covenanteyes.com  • The ability to install new apps on smart phones and view YouTube videos can be locked with passwords. Allow the person to whom you are accountable to set the password.

Don’t be shy to speak to someone about your struggle with pornography. We all have weaknesses and musthope

Sharing your struggles and how you gained freedom with others is in fact the final step in gaining freedom, and speaking publicly about this issue will help to show many others the way out. Temptations will come, but taking the precautions mentioned above will place you in the best possible position to resist the next time the urge to view pornography comes knocking on your door.

 CYPSA endevours to help youth with porn addiction


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