Stop CSE in South African Schools

Comprehensive Sex Education is not approved by South African parents and is being taught in schools behind their back. The nature of the curriculum is destructive to children. Most CSE programmes include components such as:

  • Teaching that promiscuity is a right;
  • Promoting dangerous “alternative” sexual practices which increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Encouraging children to experiment sexually with members of the same sex and of the opposite sex;
  • Teaching children to advocate for so-called “sexual rights”;
  • Exposure to explicit and pornographic content;
  • Encouraging children to use condoms at an early age without informing them of potential failure rates;
  • Disregarding parental values and parental involvement in education; and
  • Demeaning “traditional” moral, religious, and cultural values shared by families and the community.

This is a dangerous proposal that must be stopped. South African children should be taught holistically about sex, not from an agenda-driven ideological perspective that demeans our traditional cultural values.

We are deeply concerned that multiple UN agencies, federal and local governments, and school administrations are implementing, promoting and/or funding controversial comprehensive sexuality education programs that sexualize children and take away their innocence.

These programs go way beyond regular sex education and are designed to change all of the sexual and gender norms of society. They openly promote promiscuity, high-risk sexual behavior and sexual pleasure even to very young children.

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Download our pamphlet highlighting the threat to children posed by CSE

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