Press Releases


Press Release: Fracking – Big firms bulldozing their way through our land of sorrows and struggles

These big gas and oil firms keep on bulldozing their way. They bulldoze through our country, they bulldoze on shorelines, they bulldoze off-shore, they bulldozed their agenda during recent community meetings and now they want to bulldoze their way through parliament on Thursday.


Press Release: Open Letter to the ICC – South Africa – The Rainbow Nation is Dead

We’re young and we’re perplexed: Why the sudden decision for our government to resign from the International Criminal Court (ICC)? The fact that this decision was not via a parliament session shouts a message loud and clear.


Press Release: Open Letter – High Court Case for legalization of Dagga

Amidst all this sorrow, we are amazed that people such as the “Dagga Couple” can be so brazen as to want to make S.A. the dagga basket of Africa and the whole world. Is it merely ignorance, or is it the desire to enrich themselves, that has led them to lay our children on the altar of drug abuse and destruction?