Pornography Addiction


Brain Damage from Porn Addiction: An Affair of the Mind

A person hooked on pornography develops a one-track mind. His focus in life becomes single-minded and his view of others, especially of women, narrows.


USA Study Shows How Porn Destroys the Family

?A 2015 study by the American College of Paediatricians reveals that: Male subjects demonstrated increased callousness toward women. Subjects considered the crime of rape less serious.


UK: Porn Brain Changes Similar to Drug Addicts’

Researchers from Cambridge found that MRI scans of 19 addicted pornography users showed that the reward centers of the brain reacted to explicit images in a similar way that an alcoholic might respond to liquor or beer advertisements.”


“I saw it on TV!”

?Liz Jones counselled hundreds of sexually-abused children in the years that she worked at Safeline as a counsellor. She dealt with countless incidences of porn-related abuse, but her heart sank each time she heard those familiar words “I watched it on the TV,” or “I saw it in the magazine, or “I watched a DVD”.


Scientific Studies on Porn Addiction

A Cambridge University study proves that people addicted to pornography show similar brain activity to alcoholics and drug addicts.


Government Officials’ Computers in Need of Porn Filters

?Various groups are calling on government to fit anti-porn software on all government official’s computers.


Canada News – Government to Conduct Countrywide Study on Harmful Porn Effects

?The Canadian government has given the green light to Motion M-47 introduced by MP Arnold Viersen. This will lead to examining the harmful effects of pornography on Canadian citizens and explore options to protect children from sexually explicit online material.

Health Experts on Pornography Addiction

According to Dines, a professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College in Boston, 36% of Internet content is pornographic. Dines states that, online porn brings in total revenue of $3,000 per second. On average, one out of every four Internet searches is about porn. Pornography is the public health crisis of the digital age.


EU Set to Vote on Banning Porn

?”The European Parliament will vote on a report, “Eliminating gender stereotypes in the EU”, that could lead to a blanket ban on pornography in any form of media.