Drug Addictions


Canada – Smoking Cannabis Does Make People More Violent

?Cannabis users are more likely to commit violent crime pioneering research by five researchers from institutes based in Montreal, Canada has shown.


Argument 6: They say… dagga is a safe or ‘soft’ drug, but…

Perhaps when compared to a substance like heroin dagga may seem less severe (you don’t have to put a needle in your arm to use it), but dagga is deadly nonetheless.


Response F –

The future of our learners will be destroyed. The country will be full of criminals made by this drug. The number of rapists will increase. More number of street kids.

More uneducated people, which will make this country more [worse] than it is. The number of mad people will increase.?


Argument 7: They say… a lot about sugar, but…

Sugar may be bad for us and may be at the root of certain ailments and illnesses (we have no problem accepting this as fact and should perhaps even pay closer attention to our own sugar intake), but sugar is by no stretch of the imagination comparable to an illegal drug like dagga.


Response G –

?Learners are smoking dagga before they go to class in the morning. They are high and cause major problems in class. Dagga then leads to stronger drugs.


Response H – Constantia Park, Gauteng

The reality is that they lose any possibility of a valuable life or future as drugs – any drug including dagga causes some kind of dependency. Dagga usage causes physical, mental and emotional behavioural changes.


Response I –

Apparently, the country is no longer interested in the development of the youth. The decision is myopic and should not have been even to brought to court for consideration. What society are we producing


Argument 8: They say… money spent on prosecuting dagga offenders could be better spent, but…

“WE SMOKED DAGGA’ MURDERER TELLS COURT” was the headline of a recent article which detailed how three schoolboys got high on dagga before they entered a man’s home, strangled him to death and robbed him.


Response J –

No thank you, look at the pass rate since our democracy, learners are pushed to next grades and they don’t care, the community members are selling dagga and other substances not caring for their wellbeing but they don’t want their children smoking what they sell to others, that show that they want good things happening to their kids not others.?