Drug Addictions


Argument 9: They say… legalization will benefit us economically, but…

?”Just think of all the money we can make!” say those who would see dagga legalized in South Africa. Alarmingly, this sentiment seems to be echoed by an increasing number of our country’s politicians…


Response K – East London, Eastern Cape

So legalising these drugs will destroy our schools and S.A. learners. Can’t we protect our children by NOT accepting this please. Kindly intervene in stopping this. ?


Response L – Phoenix, KwaZulu-Natal

My understanding is that it is not for recreational purposes.



Response M – Mabopane, Gauteng

It will be difficult to deal with discipline, behaviour and otherpersonalities that different individual might have. No, it’s in the best interest of members who have other agendas at hear. Not the best interest of raising responsible citizens.?


Argument 10: They say… legalization will keep dagga out of the hands of the youth, but…

?Lobbyists claim the legalization of dagga will help to control and regulate the drug, keeping it out of the hands of the youth of South Africa. They cite the regulations and laws surrounding alcohol and tobacco as a practical example of the success of this approach, claiming that it is difficult for youngsters to get their hands on these substances!


More Pregnant Women Using Dagga Than Ever Before

The debate is on about smoking during pregnancy. But what about smoking dagga?

An analysis of urine samples from roughly 300 000 California women finds that more than 7% used marijuana while pregnant.


Argument 11: They say… we should fall in line with international trends and legalize dagga, but…

?If your friends were jumping into a fire would you do it as well? Many of us may remember being asked this question by our parents when we were younger, usually after having blindly followed our friends into some mischievous act or another. This simple anecdote is very suitable when considering the argument for legalization stated above.


Response N – Tsakane, Gauteng

The DBE is battling to equip teaches to excel in teaching and [now] adding on other problem of dagga. Please open room for broader consultation and participation for parents at school level and get the voice of the silent heard wide.??


Argument 12: They say… dagga does not contribute to an increase in fatal car accidents… but…

Dagga is the illicit drug most frequently found in the blood of drivers who have been involved in accidents, including fatal ones. One study showed that dagga was overwhelmingly the most commonly mentioned drug in drugged driving experiences (97%), followed by cocaine (13%) and nonmedical use of prescription analgesics (4%).