Drug Addictions


Argument 13: They say… dagga is not addictive… but…

People begin to depend on the stimulation to the brain that dagga provides and then continue to use it even when it begins to impact their lives negatively (the classic definition of an addict).


The CYPSA Report 2017 – Using Dagga is Not a Victimless Crime

?Despite the many unsubstantiated claims to the contrary, made by those advocating the legalization of dagga in South Africa, the 2017 CYPSA REPORT highlights the fact that it is the young people, the future of our nation, that are harmed the most by dagga.


Addiction Hijacking the Brain

Addiction involves craving for something intensely, loss of control over its use, and continuing involvement with it despite adverse consequences. Addiction changes the brain, first by subverting the way it registers pleasure and then by corrupting other normal drives such as learning and motivation.


Argument 14: They say… dagga never killed anyone, anywhere, ever… but…

?A 53 year old in the United Kingdom has died from heart complications which arose as a direct result of his 10 year-long addiction to dagga. This despite claims by those who would see dagga legalized in our country that dagga has never killed a single person, EVER, ANYWHERE!


Argument 15: They say… dagga does not damage the brain… but…

Anyone who has experienced the changes in a family member or loved one after they began smoking dagga knows that, not only is the mental capacity and memory of the individual affected, but their personality, behaviour and habits as well. They cease to be the person they once were.


The Dangers of Smoking Hubbly Bubbly (Hookah Pipe)

The hookah pipe is becoming more and more popular amongst the young people of South Africa. It is usually seen as a social practice and has in many places become a culture and has gained tremendous popularity. ut sadly enough, young people are not always exposed to and aware of the dangers of smoking the hookah pipe.


Argument 16: They say… dagga arrests are traumatic… but…

?Anyone would agree that to have your house raided and searched by the police and to be arrested and taken to jail is potentially traumatic. But that’s what happens when you break the law which our country’s police officers have a duty to enforce!


Argument 17: They say… a lot about ‘medical’ dagga… but…

This is an issue that is firmly rooted in the realm of science, and the safety and suitability of cannabis and its derivatives for medicinal use is something that can either be confirmed or disproved by scientific means alone.


Pamphlet: Dagga the Destroyer (Afrikaans)

Click on the link below to download our pamphlet about dagga (cannabis). Make copies of our pamphlets and distribute them at school, work, and in your community!